Use Cases

We tested and trained our AI with the expertise of best content writers on many topics. We offer it to you for your digital marketing, content marketing and social media needs! Generate blog, tweet, list content, product description, question and answer content in English, Arabic, Turkish languages and increase your traffic and income. Grow your brand!

Write 10X blog content

Start writing SEO-friendly, semantic, and satisfying content with Copy Associate now! Determine the topic you want to write content on, and write down the most frequently asked questions about the topic or the titles you want to add to your content! Write content in minutes according to the number of words you have determined with artificial intelligence for each title you have determined.

Write list content

Isn't the list content the most remarkable content? And of course, they are also the most difficult content to write. Write the most remarkable content in minutes with Copy Associate! Determine the subject and number of the list content, it is enough to specify the subject you have determined to our artificial intelligence. For example, "The 10 best bike paths in California!".

Write remarkable tweet

Do you have a Twitter account about your brand and have trouble managing it? We are ready to help manage social media content to write remarkable tweets, increase retweets, engagement and follower count! It is enough to write at least 3 keywords about the topic you want to tweet.

Write product description

In the e-commerce world, competition is intense and differentiation is very important. Adding original and SEO-friendly content to category pages is not enough to increase your organic traffic and revenue. Generate unique content for all products and to gain organic traffic and increase revenue for product pages.

Write question & answer

It is much easier to gain traffic with long-tail keywords if the correct answer is written. To write unique, correct and satisfactory answers to all questions, simply ask the artificial intelligence in the form of a question!